Pirate Song about Hammerhead and Tiger Cranium

Pirate song

An item without pattern is received
In the ear a pirate song about a hammerhead shark
Vigilant toward the black cabbage shred
Inexorably drawn towards a hole in the bottom mud
There, a shining face of iced tea peering out
From its Puritan castle in pepper sauce
While tigers are being rolled out in reality
Hi hypostases of the unknown in the recognized
Hi what joy to be a shared heir
Hi this indivisible poverty goodbye puer dunamis
You do not get many coins for these bottlenecks
The circumambulatio of the hammerhead shark
Known as a dig with the spade in the mirror
Or the hammerhead manoeuvre
Leaving how a broken heart turns over on its red carpet
Along a wind back of fairytale diamonds
While horrors are being forced through these bottlenecks
Every single one of these bottlenecks and what they contain
And what they are carrying and how they walk and if they be
Anecdotal glitter from a dew-wet spider web
Goodbye to them and to the hole in the mud if it remains a hole in the mud
As yet overpowered by mental arithmetic
The radio telescope is directed to Acetone
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