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Testing the Waters

With the toxification and acidification of the oceans and streams, the “two waters” — to Breton: the stagnant ponds of finished dogmas and the rejuvenating waters of life — may not be today what they once were. Perhaps that´s why … Läs mer

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Artist´s book release

(Barbarians simulating conversation) [2015] Publisher: Styx förlag. Format: 210 x 287 mm, paperback, 140 pages. Contents: First part – 30 colour images by Niklas Nenzén, accompanied by texts from Dhmnpss Aeouy, John Andersson, Christian Andersson, Helena Boberg, Kenneth Cox, Christofer … Läs mer

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noone notices how the tree fills up with parrots and people enter through the mother’s black skirt to sit down in the pews   Coloured collage. Made from ink drawings in the graphic story En reserverad plats. Poem heard in dream. … Läs mer

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New Gallery: Gifts of Compensation

I´m not sure what an artwork is. A sympathetic viewer may hold that an artwork is an item in a class of objects that we have agreed to contemplate in a privileged way, experience freely and discuss openly. A more … Läs mer

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Pictorial Riddles

  Who is the bridegroom identifying with? a) The man below. b) His dead, prolonged father.   Which one of these unknowing observers will the cat favor? a) The one with the wavy hair. b) No one in particular.   … Läs mer

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Pirate Song about Hammerhead and Tiger Cranium


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The Bear in the Queen´s Palace

A Bear is recieved as a guest over night in the Queen´s palace, on the condition that he leaves everything as it was before when he leaves in the morning. He is even bestowed the honor of using the Queen´s … Läs mer

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The Green Marble Thigh

There´s a fancy auction in the basement of Knohult´s masonic temple, which is located on a hill overlooking the rural village. To descend down the stairs one first have to pass through a large hall which is seemingly used for … Läs mer

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