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Tzara in Italian (Free e-book)

Cover illustration: Niklas Nenzén – ”La mélancolie de Tristan Tzara”. Mixed media. http://mentesuggesostanza.blogspot.se/2013/11/avant-dada-di-tristan-tzara-ebook.html

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Installing Electricity

Mixed media.

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Pictorial Riddles

  Who is the bridegroom identifying with? a) The man below. b) His dead, prolonged father.   Which one of these unknowing observers will the cat favor? a) The one with the wavy hair. b) No one in particular.   … Läs mer

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Pirate Song about Hammerhead and Tiger Cranium

An item without pattern is received In the ear a pirate song about a hammerhead shark Vigilant toward the black cabbage shred Inexorably drawn towards a hole in the bottom mud There, a shining face of iced tea peering out … Läs mer

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