Strings in the Earth and Air

The subject is nothing other than what slides in a chain of signifiers, whether he knows which signifier he is the effect of or not. That effect- the subject – is the intermediary effect between what characterises a signifier and another signifier, namely, the fact that each of them, each of them is an element.
Jacques lacan – Seminar XX
Verily, in former times they covered a lute with a hairy skin.
Aitareya-Aranyara Upanishad
The nature of an Ideal-form is to be, of itself, an activity; it operates by its mere presence: it is as if Melody itself plucked the strings.
Plotinus – Enneads
Puppets are /—/ models of man in motion. When they move they are to perfect the movements of man, even as sculpture perfects the form of man.
E. Gordon Craig – Puppets and Poets
“The being within the total void allows the body to discover the new strings that will move it.”
Mitsutaka Ishii