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Adaequatio rei et intellectus

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Artist´s book release

(Barbarians simulating conversation) [2015] Publisher: Styx förlag. Format: 210 x 287 mm, paperback, 140 pages. Contents: First part – 30 colour images by Niklas Nenzén, accompanied by texts from Dhmnpss Aeouy, John Andersson, Christian Andersson, Helena Boberg, Kenneth Cox, Christofer … Läs mer

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Dreamed preamble to a story

  Tommy is blind and lives in a war-torn town. One night when the city is on flame a boat is docking at the harbour. A familliar voice: – Jumb aboard, Tommy! Guest-sketched in CML´s drawing-pad.

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Introducing the third pilot

A sample from a current work in progress, the graphic novel Disputed antiquities, an improvised tale about forgery, theurgy and alternative realities. A lot of inkwashes for lighting and atmospheric scenery are used throughout the story, since I was inspired … Läs mer

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John Erik and the Trolls

John Erik and the Trolls — A scary story from the future ( A story I did for my nephews in 2012) This is John Erik. He is five years old. His parents have tied pillows on to him, since … Läs mer

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Disputed Antiquities

Werner and Liv collect disputed antiquities. They pretend to be a couple to get advantageous insurances. From a graphic story in progress.

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Pictorial Riddles

  Who is the bridegroom identifying with? a) The man below. b) His dead, prolonged father.   Which one of these unknowing observers will the cat favor? a) The one with the wavy hair. b) No one in particular.   … Läs mer

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Free Time

Teacher seen playing a Gnossienne during a break. Acrylic on canvas. A recently made version of an image from the graphic novel En reserverad plats ( A place in reserve), published in Diabolick # 3, 2009. Free time

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