El Castillo Interior

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Karl Eklund: Som skrubbsåret om vintern

Kalle Eklunds foto.


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The impossible survives us all

”The theater restores us as our dormant conflicts and all their powers, and gives these powers names we hail as symbols: and behold! before our eyes is fought a battle of symbols, one charging against another in an impossible melee; for there can be theater only from the moment when the impossible really begins and when the poetry which occurs on the stage sustains and superheats the realized symbols.”
Antonin Artaud, The Theater and Its Double, 1938.
”The symbol of Nature’s eternal war for the impossible equilibrium between spirit and matter; the symbol, also, of Time, which is but the illusion in which eternity clothes itself; forever putting on and forever putting off new garments of matter.”
Thomas H. Burgoyne, The Light of Egypt, Volume II, 1889.
”…le signifiant est unité d’être unique, n’etant de par sa nature symbole que d’une absence” (”…the signifier is a unit in its very uniqueness, being by nature symbol only of an absence”)
Jacques Lacan Ecrits, “Seminar on ’The Purloined Letter’”, 1956.
”Life, the Universe, the Void have no value for thought when it is completely free. The only thing that has value is Meaning — that is, the moral concept of the impossible.”
René Magritte, Selected Writings, ”Thought and images”, 1954.
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Horizontes del misterio

”… and all that You behold, though it appears Without, it is Within,
In Your Imagination of which this World of Mortality is but a Shadow.”
William Blake,  Jerusalem, 71:17
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Some pictures seen in dreams

Detta galleri innehåller 11 bilder.

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Fire is coming

Dreamt comic.
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Pictures from duo exhibition at SRO, Brooklyn, NY, Feb – March 2017

”The Air Is Frozen At The Luxury Hotel”
Objects by Janice Sloane, paintings and drawings by Niklas Nenzén
Niklas Nenzén is based in Stockholm, Sweden
Janice Sloane is based in NYC
As seen through this exhibit, the idea of the portrait and ”body revisionism” can assume a multitude of forms and meanings, whether as physical structure, psychological metaphor, or social construct.
For Niklas Nenzén’s precision collages, the atmosphere of cloistered chambers as self portrait is a site of suspect supernatural memory and a springboard for follies and fantasies.  His idea is based on a playful hypothesis about how the human body is readable as an atlas of mythic locale.  Or conversely, that myths and fables supposedly depict the self-discovery and creation of the present human body.  On display in the gallery are works from a theme named ”Fabled Senses”, wherein each image is, at least to Nenzén, purportedly a lost tale from an archaic mind.
In Sloane’s Portrait heads, the theme of skin and its impermanence has been a constant.
”I work with themes of impermanence while relating them to issues regarding aging, ”ideal beauty”, sexuality, eternal youth, disfigurement, disease, healing and cosmetic surgery.  Ideas are also drawn from African sculpture, ritual objects and painting.  Using organic and inorganic materials, photography, painting and sculpture the work is a mix of everlasting and temporary.  The subjects are caught by chance in a process of transformation, and rendered static.”
SRO Gallery
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The System

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Plateaux of Nostalgias

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