Exhibition May 25-26 2013

4x present Expedition Exhibition, paintings and drawings by 4X

Exhibiting with my friends in 4x. Theme: expeditions and imagination. You´re all welcome to the vernissage — it will try to offer stimulation to the ears and the mouth as well as for the eyes. Performers are not yet announced. UPDATE: On Saturday, after the opening a lecture on the epistemological and poetic nature of research expeditions will be held by Mattias Forshage. After that we will get to hear poems / recollections / notes on the silky fur of  the llama by Emma Lundenmark. John Andersson made the painting for the poster.
Atelier Petrejus, Kvarteret Spindeln
Petrejusvägen 34
T-bana Hammarbyhöjden
Vernissage: Saturday May 25 12.00 – 18.00
Also open 12.00 – 16.00
Below: Machine and nature by Joakim Hansén, Munchhausen warlord by John Andersson, Jungle pastry by Niklas Nenzén and Fisherman´s friend by Peter Bigestans.
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2 svar på Exhibition May 25-26 2013

  1. zoe skriver:

    congratulations!! enjoy your show, i wish i could see it….i am coming back for more, this Receptacle 3 intrigues me greatly, i will be back–

  2. Niklas skriver:

    Thanks, zoe!

    Update on performers in the post.

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