Where It Begins

Ink on paper.
”We hardly ever experience our own bodies as objects with a separate existence from our minds. We feel sensations in our bodies, and we can move them from the inside at will. What is more, all our perceptions are related to our body in one way or another. This gives us our perspective on objects. Things look large or small, near or far, usable or unusable relative to the shape, size, location, and abilities of our bodies. When we move at will, we don’t experience an inner mental world on one side of us and an outer material world on the other. In contrast to the objective body, Merleau-Ponty calls this phenomenological (first-person, experiential, lived) conception of the body the`phenomenal body.´”
Quoted from ”Tony Iommi’s Hand of Doom — From Plastic Fingertips to Creative Freedom”, an essay by Ken Pepper, in”Black Sabbath & Philosophy — Mastering Reality”, an anthology edited by William Irwin.
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  1. zoe skriver:

    this makes me think of ramachandran and his use of the mirror box to amputate/heal ghost limbs? which makes me wonder if the whole of our body image is only a projection of what our mind expects to see–it would make sense, right? so is what’s happening here in the drawing that they are each discovering that the person opposite is also an ”extended” projection? as in a dream, where each person is a set of beliefs and behaviors which you sometimes hold/are ”possessed” by, projected outward and symbolized as another so that you might dissect the effects of that behavior and decide if they are positive or negative, thus consciously shifting reality with your decision? and so where do i begin and you end, and where do i end and the world begins, and where does this dream end and reality begins….?

    either way, the drawing itself is fascinating and visually appealing and makes me think about a lot of things, my favorite 😀
    and is it bogart and bacall???

    • Niklas skriver:

      Yes, you´re spot on : ), Bogart and Bacall are ”in Casablanca” (white house), which I fancied could be used as a metaphor for ”in the skull”, the cartesian localization of the soul. In the midst of wider territorial claims — Casablanca being a city in Morocco which in the film is a French colony while France is under the rule of the Nazi Vichy regime — by falling in love they (in the drawing) invent a common interface to renegociate the world and ”where it begins” and ends, which would be a panta rei situation of sorts, where even time periods intermerge.

      Wow, never think I heard of Ramachandran and the mirror box before, just briefly googled it, and it seems to tie in interestingly with Merleau-Ponty´s tactile phenomenology and Franz Bardon´s occult ”hand-exteriorization” technique, which were the reference-points I had for thinking about the body-world ”neuro-signature”. Also, as I read about some years ago, NASA recently made experiments with similar although hi-tech projective techniques for ”on-earth-astronauts” to be virtually able embody planet-traversing vehicles or robots.

      • zoe skriver:

        ah, yes, and as for the nasa idea, there is also some experimental work being done now for paraplegics to be able to move robot arms to drink water, or for others to be able to ”think” speech through a computer, but i had never heard of either of these people you referenced here, the world is so *big*!

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