Moment of Terror

Moment of terror

“For most people it´s pure entertainment… But for father and son this is the moment of terror…”
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  1. mattias skriver:

    The dog, who is the son, is panicking to get out of there, in antecipation of the tragedy, regardless of what it will consist in, whether the father, with his puny gun, will shoot the siamese twins, take them to the taxidermist, and sell them to the museum, and if the museum is not interested, then the travelling fair, and if not the travelling fair, then at least the local antiquity dealer, because siamese twins were more popular in the old days, or, perhaps more likely now that we think of it, the twins possess strange powers, are insensitive to bullets, will be stressed and confused, will tear the limbs from his body, just to make him stop. For most people it’s pure entertainment. One way or the other. Or in the very uncertainty as to which.


    (PS Hey Niklas, so much good stuff on your page! So this is where the cool kids hang out and why nothing ever happens on the Okrossbara hälleflundror, the Terrestrial cephalopod, the Diabolik, the Icecrawler and the Cormorant Council anymore?)

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