The Conspirators

The Conspirators

Ink, watercolour.
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  1. zoe skriver:

    this is truly fantastic, especially with the title. it is the perfect representation of dreaming. the mythically-masked, the expression of the man twisting the dreamer’s sheets, the layers… over the audience, it’s all amazing, and is that a carousel coming into being in the top left corner?

    also, in a completely bizarre coincidence, i am presently finishing up a stage–a toy theater–which also contains a flowered vine, a mermaid, and a feline (although my feline is, of course, blue).

    • Niklas skriver:

      The drawing was expanded from the upper stage scene, which I drew in a game where we collectively were trying to generate film scenes. Interesting coincidence that you arrived at similar elements for your toy theatre — so is there an archetypical theatrical stage(play) more or less like this one in the collective unconscious? In that case I´m curious to see your version of it soon!

      • zoe skriver:

        archetypal? it’s a good question…i know where all the other elements came from, because they were directly linked to the rest of the painting, but actually the mermaid came out of nowhere.. so. maybe archetypal? or maybe you and your friends are insanely powerful. 😀

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