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noone notices how the tree fills up with parrots and people enter through the mother’s black skirt to sit down in the pews   Coloured collage. Made from ink drawings in the graphic story En reserverad plats. Poem heard in dream. … Läs mer

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Moment of Terror

“For most people it´s pure entertainment… But for father and son this is the moment of terror…” Collage

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Pictorial Riddles

  Who is the bridegroom identifying with? a) The man below. b) His dead, prolonged father.   Which one of these unknowing observers will the cat favor? a) The one with the wavy hair. b) No one in particular.   … Läs mer

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The Bear in the Queen´s Palace

A Bear is recieved as a guest over night in the Queen´s palace, on the condition that he leaves everything as it was before when he leaves in the morning. He is even bestowed the honor of using the Queen´s … Läs mer

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The Green Marble Thigh

There´s a fancy auction in the basement of Knohult´s masonic temple, which is located on a hill overlooking the rural village. To descend down the stairs one first have to pass through a large hall which is seemingly used for … Läs mer

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Hans fru Judith – Bildspel och inläsning

Novellen “Hans fru Judith” läses av författaren Emma Lundenmark till ett bildspel av Niklas Nenzén. Bildspelet visades till liveläsning av EL på Fylkingen i september 2009. Novellen återfinns även i Emmas novellsamling, som utkom i maj 2012: EMMA LUNDENMARK HANS … Läs mer

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