“Overlord” – Group Exhibit, Brooklyn, NY


I have two paintings featured in this group show, curated by SRO Gallery and artist Kenny Cole, who also wrote the texts below.

“Through a Straw”, 2009, Watercolor and ink on paper
A collaboration between Kenny Cole and Niklas Nenzén “Through a Straw” presents a bright and surreal scene suggesting that beer just might be Overlord in this Lilliputian world of duck powered flying machines.


“Green Room Defense” 2013, mixed media, 240 cm x 320 cm
Niklas Nenzen’s “Green Room Defense” is a scene populated by an assortment of creatures and personalities, some literally “stacked” upon one another, others acting out a variety of pantomimes on and around a main figure lying supine on a divan. The stone bust puffing out smoke on the left is our Overlord in this scene, with his pensive sidelong glance. An inventory of the cast of characters and props begins to suggest to us the early days of the silver screen, with the grisaille rendering of the “people pile” behind the green curtains. Our main figure seems exhausted, collapsed on her divan, hidden behind a mask, while the cacophonous Hollywood premiere tumbles around her.
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