The Hideous Charadrii

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  1. Anna skriver:

    Jag är alldeles hypnotiserad av varmvattenelementet

  2. MF skriver:

    For a long time I contemplated this picture dizzy before the wealth of narrative elements and frowning upon the ugly twisted version of a turkey/frozen-steak/flamingo, yet without being able to understand whom the title referred to. Wouldn’t ”ugly waders” be something like the ”suburban bathers” in the Residents song, which we quoted in the account of our ”I see the sea”-experiment which was recently published in Czech in Analogon #73? I kept thinking about whether ”hideous charadrii” was some complex wordplay on ”Charadrius hiaticula”, the common ringed plover (”större strandpipare” in Swedish), whose name would translate ”the wader with a small gap”, but would anyone but an ornithologist start out with that? But then with a Lidner snap I see that the ugly flamingo is a hideous wader… Though ”Charadrii” is the plural form, so there must be more than one. And all these lurking suburban bathers become hideous waders after all? Or is the hideous hidden?

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