John Erik and the Trolls


John Erik and the Trolls — A scary story from the future ( A story I did for my nephews in 2012)


This is John Erik. He is five years old. His parents have tied pillows on to him, since he often tumbles.
– There! Now you can go out and play with the trolls!


And since John Erik wasn´t afraid of anything, and also was eager to have some new playmates, he went into the woods to… search for the trolls!


But first he met grandpa, who taught him a rhyme that one can use to call out “oknytt” with.
– Just say: BREADLOAF LIGHTBULB AGARICUS! I haven´t tried out the rhyme myself, because oknytt never appear before those who do not believe in them.


But John Erik thought the rhyme was worth trying. He walked some distance, and then hollered out as loud as he could:


Then the first troll appeared, a horrible figure that had a strange nose and long fingernails.
– I smell a human child! Good! Because I am hungry! said the troll.
– I smell newly baked bread. That´s good, because I´m hungry too! said John Erik.
The troll however couldn´t sense the smell of baked bread, since it´s hardly possible to smell one´s own nose.


Then he said: – LIGHTBULB! Then the second troll appeared, and it said: – What are YOU doing here in the dark woods? You will NEVER find your way home! Now you must stay here in the darkness with me…
John Erik asked: – How dark can it get if one has a luminous nose? And this was a good question, and one which the troll had to sit and think about for a while before answering.


Then he said: – AGARICUS! But this time no troll appeared. John Erik however caught sight of a fine large mushroom, which he wanted to pick and give to his grandma.
– Hey you! Don´t pinch my nose! said the mushroom. It WAS no mushroom, but whatever it was, it was bigger than what John Erik first had thought.


For the rest of the day John Erik and the trolls played a funny game. – Whoever is able to tickle me so I start to laugh out loud is the winner, he promised.
But none of the trolls succeded in making him laugh. And naturally the pillows were all torn up so the down whirled about, since trolls never cut their fingernails.


– I will ask grandpa if he can trim your fingernails with the chainsaw. They seem to be in need of that. After that you may be allowed to come home to me and play with my sisters, said John Erik. – Sisters? What are such? wondered the trolls. – Be they dangerous? – Not so much, said John Erik, at least not if you behave nicely…


Actually, you better behave properly, since they may be reading this book at this very moment! – That´s gruesome! – Dont say that! – Hope they like us…
THE END (Dancing earthworms)






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