The Unusual

Mixed media.
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  1. zoe skriver:

    to say the least!
    and their expressions, too, are so odd…the man running and the background brings to mind de chirico…

  2. Niklas skriver:

    The angle of the woman´s hat and her body position seem to show a merely formal attention toward the siamese hare. Her expression is dreamy and her face is actually turned in another direction. As if she´s not easily impressed with such extravagant distractions, although politely acknowledging the “obviously unusual”.

    The woman holding the eagle reinforces this psychology: her act reads like an emblem of restraint.

    So the image can perhaps be read as a charade expressing the unusual in the language of the predator-prey relation. Encounters with the unusual cannot always (if ever?) be sought out like a prey.

    Interestingly, I ´ve always thought that Chirico describes the irrational universe as from a prey´s perspective in this quote:

    “Perhaps the most amazing sensation passed on to us by prehistoric man is that of presentiment. It will always continue. We might consider it as an eternal proof of the irrationality of the universe. Original man must have wandered through a world full of uncanny signs. He must have trembled at each step.”

    To search or to be sought out. Maybe the unusual appears in the switch.

    • zoe skriver:

      hmmm. that makes me think of a dream i had recently in which the surroundings were so unreal as to strike me as miraculous, portentous, and I wanted to take down the details as mathematical numbers, because I felt this would somehow serve as better ‘proof’ that i had seen what i was seeing. as i did this, of course, the scene changed to the usual banalities and i went on as a habitual human. almost as if, by trying to capture the scene by logic (as prey), the unusual was lost altogether.
      here, both of the women pay only passing attention to the oddities–what ‘uncanny signs’ are we always missing by looking *for* specific ‘unusuals,’ instead of seeing with eyes wide open and focused?
      fascinating. thank you for this response!

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