Cannonball Transportation System

munchhInk. pastels, coffee, mustard.


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  1. zoe skriver:

    he has so much character, and what a name! ”cannonball transport system!” is that to say that we are all pawns, nothing more than carriers of the violence to be hurled at others by the powerful? and yet…i find him fantastic!….hmmmm

    • Niklas skriver:

      Hurled, yes, I thought about geworfenheit (being thrown before oneself), like being thrown off a horse (or horse evacuating the human-archetype… ; )) like a projectile, trance-journeying like Odin (whom he resembles) on Sleipnir, or as Münchhausen who not only rode on a cannonball but purportedly dragged himself and the horse on which he sat on up from a swamp…projecting the self.

      • zoe skriver:

        oh! now i am on a search for münchhausen–wow!

        this word, geworfenheit, it’s fascinating, and gives me much more to chew on….

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