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Spy vs Spy

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Convertible Night

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Tinctura Alba

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Pet Shop Fight

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Testing the Waters

With the toxification and acidification of the oceans and streams, the ”two waters” — to Breton: the stagnant ponds of finished dogmas and the rejuvenating waters of life — may not be today what they once were. Perhaps that´s why this adjustment of the 17th Star card of the Major Arcana presented itself to me in a dream from 2015. You may recall Breton´s poetic interpretation of the card in his Arcanum 17, where he seems to allude to Swiss occultist Oswald Wirth´s deck (Le Tarot, des lmagiers du Moyen Age, 1927), which shows the goddess pouring a ”burning liquid” into the stagnant pond, indicated by a smoke-puff. Breton´s designated modern name for this fiery or hereaclitean aspect of hope (which some decks exclude for this card) is ”erethism”, broadly referring to a heightened sensual excitibility but also to a neurological symptom derived from mercury poisoning: ”Mad Hatter disease”. (Accordingly (?), Alice in Wonderland is The ”Siren of Stars” in the surrealists´ Tarot / playing deck from 1941).
Reading: The dry soul of scepticism is the best. Test the waters or you may lose a foot. Testing itself may generate electrical flashes of inspiration.
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The Topographers

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Rainy Hat

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Tri-Ptysso: The Eight, The Strip, The Cut.

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Exhibition in Pančevo, Serbia. October 3rd – 26th, 2018

Strip-Izložba – Duo exhibition Niklas Nenzén and Joel White at Caffe Galleria, Pancevo, Serbia. October 3rd – 26th, 2018. Grrr! Program 3rd October at 19 with Saša Rakezić and guests Alberto Corradi (Italy), Thomas Fatzinek Austria), Niklas Nenzén (Sweden), Joel White (USA).
NOVA Festival International Comics Exhibition, in Pancevo, Serbia, October 2nd – 14th, 2018, on the theme of European Cultural heritage through comics.
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